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由利先生は今日も上機嫌 (ミリオンコミックス 84 Hertz Series 39) / 木下 けい子 由利先生と愛しき日々 (ミリオンコミックス  Hertz Series 67) / 木下 けい子 憂鬱な朝 (1)(キャラコミックス) (キャラコミックス) / 日高 ショーコ 憂鬱な朝 2 初回限定版 (キャラコミックス) / 日高ショーコ 同級生 (EDGE COMIX) / 中村 明日美子 卒業生-春- (EDGE COMIX) / 中村 明日美子 美しいこと(上) (Holly NOVELS) (ホリーノベルズ) / 木原 音瀬 美しいこと(下) (HollyNOVELS) / 木原 音瀬 KENICHI SUZUMURA 1st Live Tour “Becoming” LIVE DVD / 鈴村健一 青春プレイバック (MARBLE COMICS) / 嶋二 高潔であるということ (幻冬舎ルチル文庫) / 砂原 糖子 はつ恋 (ビーボーイノベルズ) / 榎田 尤利


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特典の写真が欲しいもん( ゚Д゚)

特におのでぃと比べてww←心配になるほど白いだ( ゚Д゚)

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I've read the new entry in 鈴のブログ.^^
His little story of how he used to make Hot cake was cute, but...he did really live in poor conditions in the past, didn't he...

Btw it seems that Sakupyon didn't go to Hawaii with them. (Have just listened a bit to the latest Cherry Bell.) 

On this pic Suzu looks tanned, indeed. When I've watched the latest Choujin-episode, he didn't look that tanned to me though. o_O
Wow! OnoD is really paler (than ususal?!), I hope he's feeling well!:(
seiyuu_fanatic | 2010/06/11 1:59 PM
well it's true that 声優 aren't payed well at the beginning %)

oh really? D: 期待したのにーww
but yesterday was sakurai-san's birthday, hope he got a lot of love from suzu as a present XD

these choujin tights episode that are broadcasted now were made in spring (april?) i guess %)
かちゃりん | 2010/06/14 9:38 PM
Yes, that's true. And considering the enormous competition and that today this profession is still regarded as a random part of the economic society... Not only for 声優, it's also well-know fact, that those working in Anime production on the lower levels have to endure inhuman conditions and aren't protected by law...:(

I've heard that Suzu comes from a poor family background too...

Haha! Hope so too!
It's a pity, but we still can let our fangirl-imagination run wildly. XD

Yes, choujin tights is always made the month b4 the broadcasting... So the latest episodes are filmed in May, he might already have been in Hawaii, because he mentioned it. When did he go anyway? Was it not in May?
seiyuu_fanatic | 2010/06/16 4:58 AM
O_o didn't know that everything is so bad.

i guess from average family?
because he had this 貧乏な時期, now he acts like a very rich man xD (i mean going to stylist everyday, eating food in good restorans, etc)
though ono d even now is eating in matsuya LOL XD

he went in may (it should be during 17-29 may period, cause no events during this time)
ah haven't watched choujintights for a while D:
かちゃりん | 2010/06/16 6:42 PM
Yes, it's really that bad.

Just take a look at this very insightful articel:

It gives you some idea, how the reality looks like.
Even established 声優 are payed average or aren't casted often anymore in Anime, because they're too "expensive". But on the other side, this status gives them more opportunities (like running an own radio show or programm, becoming singer, like most of the seiyuu we know.^^ Though this is still only concerning 4-8% of all seiyuu.)

Is going to restaurants and stylist that expensive in Japan?o_O

I've just googled matsuya (bc I have no clue what it is ^^°) Is it a exklusive Sushi-restaurant?
seiyuu_fanatic | 2010/06/17 6:38 PM
Oh, is this a restaurant of the 松屋フーズ -company??
Where you can eat good food with good price?

If the price and food is really that good, then I found sth to go for when I go to Japan. ^^
(Maybe I will spot OnoD eating? XD)
seiyuu_fanatic | 2010/06/17 8:01 PM
well 美容院 are expensive. 4000 yen for just haircut... maybe if I was Suzu (not poor foreign student XD), it wouldn't be expensive for me... what about restorants, there expensive and not very expensive ones %) I have never been to 高級レストラン, so I cant tell you how much it'll be to eat there.

Matsuya - is chain restorants, which offer cheap food XD lonely salarymen and people like me who thinks that cooking at home is 面倒くさい are the main clients XDD

LOL there are a LOT of Matsuya in Tokyo XD but if you're lucky maybe youll meet him XDD btw Suzu fans are saying that Suzu is living in 品川, because on his car's number so was written.

thanks for the article! but don't you think that it's a little out of date? %)
かちゃりん | 2010/06/20 9:08 AM
Hm, the price is average, in Switzerland it's even more expensive, only a haircut (for women) about more than 7000 yen, for men it's a bit cheaper, but still at least 5000 yen. :P
Though I doubt that Suzu can go to stylist everyday (he always let his hair growing so long until it really needs to be cut xD). But for men it's reasonable, i guess. Many of my male friends (average salary men) also have a stylist they frequently go visiting, bc for short hair a misfit can be easily noticed, so they rather like to let their hair done by a professional.

Suzu going to eat good food occasionally is imaginable. xD He was always a person who appreciates good food and nutrition. Though he likes to cook himself he doesn't seem to have time for that so 最近はお取り寄せにはまっているそうです.^^

Ah, he lives in Shinogawa? It's a sister city to Geneva, Switzerland!^^

haha! I'm just imagining to have spotten OnoD eating (kawaiiiii! ^-^). But I guess I would be too nervous to greet him, let alone talking to him. Only the thought makes me go all tingly! Different than Suzu, OnoD has even more that unworldly, star-like aura to me, that his present would make me more nervous than Suzu would... ^^°

The article may be a little bit outdated, but even so, it provides some insights into the reality of the so-shiny anime- and seiyuu-world. If anything has changed since then, i would even say for the worser, especially for animators, as many anime companies has transferred their locations in countries like korea or taiwan, bc the animators there are cheaper. Though i love Anime, fact is fact, so sad it is though.
seiyuu_fanatic | 2010/06/20 11:57 AM
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